🌟 Project Complete: We Nailed It, and greenSME Noticed!

We've wrapped up our project IntEgreat, and it turns out, we've done something pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that greenSME decided we're worth chatting about. For the full story, head over to greenSME

Our project? It's all about blending electronics with mechanics in a way that's a bit like magic, but with more wires and less wand-waving. Our party trick of choice is 3D-overprinting, which is essentially encapsulating PCBs directly in a  3D printer. It lets us prototype electromechanical systems that are not just faster and cheaper to make, but also kind of amazing. Additio is our 3D-printing partner in this adventure and they really know their stuff. Together we managed to take this concept, that DIY folks have already known for years, and gave it the sciency TLC it deserves.


GreenSME got curious about what we were up to and gave us a platform to share the ups, downs, and sideways of our project journey. It's a candid look at what happens when innovation meets determination (and a fair share of caffeine).

But wait, there's more! We've taken all our learnings, successes, and "well, that happened" moments and distilled them into a paper for the DAS symposium this year. Think of it as the highlight reel of our project, but with graphs and citations. Get a sneak preview of our submission and what we're bringing to the DAS 2024 Symposium .