Design Templates to get you started

The Icotronic System 

The ICOtronic system is our reference design for smart tool systems. We know that our partners need functionality, not endless tinker projects, so we developed a set of technology templates to get you started. They are a suit of electronic-, firmware- and software-modules that can be mixed, matched, and expanded upon to build that smart tool system you want. They form a generic and flexible telemetry system optimized for the integration in machine tool components. It is rugged, very compact, and highly customizable on all those levels.
Depending on the project's scope, they can be either used "as-is", which we use for niche applications and scientific research projects, or as a jumping-off point for more specialized smart tool projects. 

Why use a template?

It can be daunting if you decide to build your own systems because they come with many inherent chicken-egg problems, making them a nightmare to plan. We overcome that by having a proven design template right from the start and a solid three-step plan: Firstly, find out if the value promise holds water. Secondly, make sure you hit your price point. Finally, transfer the design so that you can produce it at scale. If you want to know more, get in touch, we are here to support you on your digitization journey.

ICOtronic System

If you want to know more about the technical details of the ICOtronic system, this is the place to start. We keep all our customer-facing information in this repository so that you can access the latest information comfortably.

ICOc toolchain
getting started

Setting up an ICOtronic system should be swift and easy. The ICOc toolchain allows you to start experimenting in a matter of minutes. Just plug the hardware into your computer, install and run our ICOc toolchain. Boom, you are ready to collect meaningful measurements and interact with the system's components.