Partner workshop in project "IntEgreat" of greenSME

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As the IntEgreat project enters its final phase, we're excited to visit our partner Additio in Slovenia ( A big thank you to Alen Ĺ apek for hosting a fantastic workshop to validate our project's final results.

IntEgreat, part of the greenSME initiative (, focuses on integrating electronic subsystems into industrial components using 3D printing. This collaboration between Additio ( and MyTooliT is paving the way for digital transformation in industrial sensor applications.

At its core, IntEgreat introduces a sustainable and innovative approach by 3D overprinting printed circuit boards (PCBs). Utilizing advanced RPET materials and an Ecodesign approach, along with a comprehensive recycling procedure, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of production and contribute to a greener future. This forward-thinking method ensures that electronic components remain easily recyclable, supporting a sustainable electronics ecosystem.


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