Zapping EMC issues with Agile methods and a dash of humor 🌩️✨

πŸ” We do our best to infuse a lot of Agile elements into our embedded system design flow. We strongly believe that keeping the cycle time πŸ”„ short & sweet 🍬 and our partners collaboratively engaged πŸ‘₯ is what enables us to deliver good results with only minimal frustration.

pre-compliance-EMC_TEM_homelab1 (1).jpg

This is especially true when it comes to EMC. Testing for EMC-related issues regularly plays a crucial role in managing project risk πŸ›‘οΈ. As much as I like the folks at #TÜVAustria, when it comes down to it, I much rather be in and out of the lab quickly and with confidence πŸƒπŸ’¨. For our workflow, we found that instead of replicating regulatory tests, we take a targeted approach 🎯. By testing very regularly for potential issues, we stay agile and keep development cycles on track πŸš€. As some eagle eyed readers may notice, quite a few of the tools we use for that come from #Tekbox, however, the know-how comes from #TUWien πŸŽ“ #EMCTesting #AgileDevelopment #RiskManagement #Innovation