The icotronic system

In order to detect and avoid the occurrence of milling process instabilities, e. g. chatter during production, it is important to detect them as early as possible. MyTool IT GmbH together with the Institute of Production Engineering and Photonic Technologies (IFT) developed an active control system to allow an in-process-adaption of machining parameters to achieve exactly that.
We teamed up with world renown tool holder manufacturer Schunk in order to bring this product to market. This system is called ICOtronic and consists of a Sensory Tool Holder with an implemented acceleration sensor and a wireless data transmission. Furthermore, a Signal Processing Unit analyses the received signal and is coupled to the NC- control system of the machine tool to apply new set points for feed rate and rotational speed depending on defined optimization strategies. By the implementation of this system process instabilities can be avoided.

THe Icotronic system

Signal processing unit

stationary transceiver unit

sensory tool holder

charging cradle