Our Services

Embedded Electronics R&D

Research and development with a focus on embedded electronics is at the core of our services. We specialize in specifying, developing, and prototyping electronic modules based on your product vision. Being true to the word "embedded," we consider the integration and encapsulation process in your host component as part of R&D. So do not (only) expect rectangular PCB modules from us. We can cover a wide range of all things embedded, including mix-signal and RF-circuit design. Depending on the utilized microcontroller, we also develop custom firmware modules.

We at MyTooliT understand that products not only need to work on a purely functional level. They need to be a neat package that plays well in many situations and feels just right, which takes some trial and error. Therefore, it is usually coupled with our rapid prototyping service to ensure a smooth and swift journey. When it is time to launch your product on the market, you may also want to check out our market introduction service, which focuses on documentation and regulatory compliance. We have the expertise to bring your ideas to life, so let's give it a try.